Heart for the House Offering

October 29, 2017

We are so grateful for the generosity of every person who has given financially to build, expand, and maintain our church campuses over the years. From launching new locations in The Valley to investing in the launch of new churches around the globe, we have always kept the Great Commission at the center of our Heart for the House. We give generously and sacrificially so that others might find salvation in Jesus and a home for their hearts in God’s House.


This year we are focusing more than ever on our mission to plant new locations so that no one in Phoenix has to drive more than 20 minutes to engage in Hillsong Church. It’s a big vision. It will take much faith, prayer and personal sacrifice, but together we can do it! We can reach our city with the Good News of Jesus! We can impact the Southwest!


On October 29, 2017, let’s all bring our best one-time gift and then pledge for a monthly contribution above and beyond our tithes as we express our Heart for the House.


We are grateful to build with you.


Terry & Judith Crist
Lead Pastors, Hillsong Phoenix

What you can do:

On Sunday, October 29, our church will gather to joyfully offer our best one time gifts and commit our 2018 monthly pledges to Heart for the House.
What can you do to be a part of this miracle offering?


Pray for our church to rise to this opportunity. Pray for hearts to be open and generous. Pray for God’s blessing and favor to be upon His church. Pray for what God would have you give?


After praying, you should decide what your step of faith will be. Faith is the foundation that empowers us to be generous and to give beyond our natural restraints. What do you believe you can do to expand God’s House in 2018?


Make sure to be in church on October 29 as we hear from our Hillsong Lead Pastors from Barcelona. They are seeing the first major revival in history and this weekend is going to be a special time as our faith is built before we give our best. As Pastor Brian often says, “our church is not built on the gifts of a few, but on the sacrifices of many.” You can be a part of making history right here in Phoenix, to the glory of God.