Sisterhood | Phoenix


is everyday girls united in friendship and cause.  Doing life together, placing value on womanhood, and being the change in our spheres of influence.



The Sisterhood is gathering on Thursday mornings on every campus because we believe in the power of community and a collective spirit.
We’ll gather for service on the 2nd Thursday, connect groups on the 1st and 3rd, and Be the Change (CityCare initiatives and projects) on the 4th Thursday.
There’s something every Thursday morning on your campus!

Gatherings launch September 14th!  

Mesa and Scottsdale Campuses meeting at 9:30 AM.

Downtown Campus contact Rachel Cutliffe for the 2nd Thursday schedule. (all other Thursdays meet at 10 AM as listed above)

The 500 Project

The 500 Project is an opportunity for individuals to contribute to our collective strategy. Your financial involvement can bring light into darkness, peace to conflict and hope to the hopeless by simply gathering together and contributing as one. It may or may not be a huge amount to you, but to countless others less fortunate, it can dramatically change their lives.

500 Projects are an extension of our Heart for the World campaign and focus on our CityCare initiatives. Projects will be posted soon. To stay informed as Projects are opened please register below.