Summerfest: Kingdom - Day 23 | South Africa
Summerfest: Kingdom - Day 23

Summerfest: Kingdom - Day 23

26 January 2017

The Kingdom of God like a mustard seed

In Matt 13:31-32, Jesus describes the Kingdom of God as being like a mustard seed that starts out as one of the smallest seeds but grows to become larger than all the plants around it. When I read this parable over again I was really interested in why Jesus would use a mustard seed to describe the Kingdom of God. Kingdoms are supposed to be mighty so why not liken it to an established and towering fortress? Plants aren’t exactly a typical symbol of power and might by regular standards. But throughout the Bible we see the value placed in small beginnings and the seemingly insignificant.

One thing God continues to remind us through this parable and other stories like it is the importance of the process.

I’ve recently been navigating a part of my life where it feels like I can’t see any movement toward realizing the dreams God has placed in my heart. I hit a few life bumps and was forced to deal with things I didn’t plan on dealing with. I ended up doubting God’s promises because I couldn’t move past the obstacles quick enough and progress to where I thought I should be. But God started to show me the importance of this slow season.

The time when a seedling is hidden underground and pushing through the soil is a vital part of growth. If the seedling is removed from the ground and exposed too soon it won’t survive. I had to learn that rushing to see growth on the surface would actually be detrimental to my growth. I also had to embrace the fact that from seed to surface, there would have to be a whole lot of dirt I’d need to push through but these times of resistance and pressure are a healthy part of the process.

When a seedling is making its way to the surface it doesn’t know where it’s going. It doesn’t give up and turn back because it’s taking too long. It just goes. In the Kingdom of God, when it’s dark and we can’t see the progress we can still trust that God is growing something great in us.

Dambisa Hara – Powerhouse UCT Leader