Summerfest: Kingdom - Day 25 | South Africa
Summerfest: Kingdom - Day 25

Summerfest: Kingdom - Day 25

28 January 2017

This past New Years Eve, I was watching the sun go down and for some strange reason I became immensely aware of the fact that this beautiful and weird phenomenon – where skies are shaded in multiple colours and a bright pink ball seems to sink into the sea – is completely filled with God.

Jesus describes The kingdom of Heaven as, “yeast that a woman took and mixed into about sixty pounds of flour until it worked all through the dough.” Yeast in bread dough spreads, breaks down and modifies the very properties of dough so that dough is able to rise and have a lighter structure. Similarly, I think the Kingdom of heaven is something that permeates society, our lives and this world. It alters the very fabric of our reality and hearts so that nothing is “normal” anymore. The Kingdom of Heaven is all around us. It was never meant for one moment in time or place. It was meant to be in and through everything in our lives.

Which has lead me to believe that even if you think you’re alone – you aren’t. Even if you feel like you’re falling – he’s close by, ready to catch you. God is in everything and has always been as near as a word, a thought, a tear, a sigh, a view. He is never far because the Kingdom of heaven isn’t either.

I think the only difference about that sunset from all the others was that two days before I had buried my dad. I needed God to feel like He was close, so I became more aware of the fact that He was. He has and is continually establishing his Kingdom daily and if we open the eyes of our heart, we’ll see it.

Clarissa Coetzee – Powerhouse Cape Town Pastor