Alpha | South Africa


You have taken the first step and now lets take the next step on this epic adventure together.

Most of our life we ignore the really big questions, “Who am I?”, “Why am I here?”, “Does God really love me?”, “Is Jesus really God”. We here at Hillsong church believe that we all need a place where we can openly discuss these and any other questions about life and faith.

That is why we run Alpha , and YOU are invited to join the adventure this Sunday. It is a relaxed environment where you can meet people and discuss the meaning of life over a drink and a snack. Sounds good doesn’t it!

If you are interested please email or make your way to the Welcome Lounge on Sunday and ask about Alpha, our amazing team will be happy to assist.


Sunday Course Times
Century City10:00 am
Somerset West8:30 am
Mitchells Plain8:30 am
Pretoria10:30 am
Johannesburg1:00 pm


For more information:

If you are interested in taking part or learning more about this, please come visit us at our info desk or email: