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What is Evening College?

As an Evening College we are committed to helping you gain greater insight and revelation of God as you dive deeper into His word. We want you to understand who you are and leave more equipped to fulfil the call of God on your life.

Evening College meets on a Wednesday evening and is a great way to study the Bible in a way that draws you closer in your relationship with Jesus and moves your life forward.

Course 1: Journeying Through the Bible

Journeying Through the Bible is a one year course that provides you with an overview of the Bible from Genesis to Revelation.

Journeying Through the Bible Part 1: Genesis to Joel (8 weeks)
(Starting 12 February 2020)
From the beginning of time, we follow the chronological journey of God’s people. We uncover His promise and His plan for humanity woven throughout the Scriptures. This course will open your eyes to God’s faithfulness, His redemptive plan and the state of humanity. We will seek to demystify and answer some of the difficult questions found in these books.


Journeying Through the Bible Part 2: 1 Kings to Malachi (10 weeks)
(Starting 27 May 2020)
From the introduction of the kings age to the post – exilic return of Israel, we follow this chronological journey of God’s covenant nature. This course will help you to understand and love the Old Testament like never before.


Journeying Through the Bible Part 3: Matthew to Revelation (10 weeks)
(Starting 9 September 2020)
From the birth of Jesus to the birth of the Church, we see how we are included in the story of God’s people, awaiting the powerful Promise of Revelation.


We believe that through Journey Through The Bible, you will get to know more of who God is and understand the Bible for yourself. You will discover the story of God and the promise of Jesus woven through each of the books of the Bible.
Course 2: Diving Deeper
Diving Deeper offers an in-depth study of certain books of the Bible. We will unpack the book chapter by chapter and verse by verse.


Diving Deeper Part 1: Ephesians (8 weeks)
(Starting 12 February 2020)
This in-depth Bible study will reveal your identity in Christ, the authority He has given you and your Spiritual armour.


Diving Deeper Part 2: Romans (10 weeks)
(Starting 27 May 2020)
This course teaches you the fundamentals of Christian theology and what Jesus’ birth, life, death and resurrection impacts your everyday life.


Diving Deeper Part 3: Daniel & Revelation (10 weeks)
(Starting 9 September 2020)
Tackling two of the most misunderstood books of the Bible, we study the meaning of Daniel and Revelation and how they interpret each other to explain the end times.


We believe that through this course, you will get to know more of who God is and His plan for your life. This course will also provide you with valuable Bible study tools that will enable you to study and understand the Bible for yourself.


For more information, please feel free to contact us at: eveningcollege@hillsong.co.za 
We can’t wait to see you!

Getting You Connected

Core Group discussions at the end of the evening form friendships, community and a deeper understanding of God's Word.


Weekly homework will be assigned and will be handed in on the last day of each term to be evaluated for completion of the course.


Join us from 6:30pm for tea, coffee and snack. We will be starting with the first session, promptly, at 7pm. A Dinner Voucher is available at R45 per week for the course.

Easily Accessible

In Cape Town we will be gathering at Century City, Stellenbosch, Somerset West and Mitchell's Plain. In Gauteng we will gather at Wonderboom and Centurion locations.

Kids Zone

There is a space for children, a place to do homework and chill space for kids for R10 per night.


Part 1 for both courses: R350
Part 2&3 for both courses: R450

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For more information please contact the church office during the week on
021 801 0001 or eveningcollege@hillsong.co.za or come and speak to us on a Sunday in church at the evening college desk.