Men's Conference '18


Men’s Conference is a place where the men gather to get inspired, equipped, challenged and refreshed for the future. We truly believe that something significant happens when the men gather. For 2018, we believe that MEN are MADE FOR MORE. God has called YOU for MORE and He wants to do exceedingly above and beyond what you could ever hope for. Ephesians 3:20

We know that every man will leave, feeling empowered, encouraged and excited for the MORE that God has for them!

Why the Men’s Growth Challenge?

“I want to remind you, that YOU matter. There is so much more to being a man than what the world would have us believe.
You were created to make a positive difference in the lives of those around you.

At the core of every man is the desire to live a great life. Don’t let that desire get buried under the many hollow masculine stereotypes, which are out there in the world. Don’t let it get crushed by the difficulty, disappointment, injustice, pain, failure, loss and regret that are a natural part of being human.

Greatness is not based on how easy life is, or how successful we are. True greatness is often only revealed in how we face the tough seasons, confront the challenges and fight the battles.
Together, let’s be encouraged to stay the path, keep moving forward and become the men God created us to be.” – Phil Dooley 

What to expect?

You will receive your monthly Growth Challenge via email every first Monday of the month. Be ready for it! We’ll also have conversations about it throughout the month on social media.