Expectations for Kidsong 2015

May 11 2015

On the final night of Kidsong 2013, as I was preaching to the children about God’s promises, something happened that we couldn’t explain. As the praise and worship team were playing, children started to pray and the Holy Spirit moved. Under no instruction from the leaders, children started huddling in groups – praying, crying out to God and prophesying over each other. As the worship continued the kids kept singing over and over, louder and louder. We couldn’t stop them! Children who are normally shy were on their knees before God with hands raised, friends prayed for friends as tears streamed down their faces. The sound of children praising God, even after the worship team had stopped, “Jesus, Jesus, all I want is to be like you.”


In the midst of such tender, honest, heartfelt praise one particular boy had gathered his friends together in a huddle, he told them all that in a moment like this they needed to thank God for what he was doing, so in one voice the group of them shouted out “We love you Jesus!” and the entire room began to cheer and lift up the name that is above every name, Jesus! The experience of that evening has marked my life and the lives of our leaders, it was a moment with Jesus that anyone who was there, will never forget.

It’s this same environment of worship that we have experienced at Kidsong every year since, and 2015 will be no exception. We want to see God speak and mark kids’ lives forever. We want children from the youngest to the oldest to have a moment with Jesus that they will never forget. Kidsong is not just childcare while the adults do the real business of worship and teaching, Kidsong is a place where children can feel safe, have fun and experience Jesus for themselves.

This year at Kidsong, we won’t be waiting until the last night to hear from God. Our team have been praying and preparing so that from the very first moment of Kidsong 2015 children can encounter Jesus, God is speaking and we’re listening!

Nathan Mclean
Hillsong Kids