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Disarm Drugs

Drug and alcohol abuse can take away joy, cause social isolation and has the potential to rob a young person’s identity. “Ice Cream Army” is a grassroots student led campaign purposed to disarm the abuse of drug and alcohol in high schools.

A.R.M.Y stands for; “alcohol and drugs rob my youth”.

TIE IT: Make a personal decision to make a difference.
TELL IT: Share the message with your friends by telling them the facts.
YELL IT: Invite ice cream army to come to your school, party or event and we’ll share our ice-cream with you!

“You Scream, I Scream, We all Scream for Ice Cream!”

Together we are Young and Free.

The United Nations recently released their 2016 Sustainable Development Goals. A pathway for the future, of which they believe that peaceful, just and inclusive societies can have a positive effect on the world drug problem. As a youth ministry we are passionate about seeking peace, fighting for justice and building an inclusive community of young people. Young people that are united and passionate about saying that we are young and free, and we want to see our friends experience their youth in freedom alongside us.