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This year has been a challenge for everyone but it is often those marginalised who gets hit the hardest. For asylum seekers in the UK, Covid-19 has meant that a decision on their status has been delayed, creating a backlog and increased number of people in the asylum system

These asylum seekers receive very little support and often struggle to look after themselves and their families. We have seen an urgent need for essentials during this time including; winter clothing, children’s toys and other basic items that they currently don’t have

The need is great and in London alone, an estimated 6,000 asylum seekers are housed in or around the capital and in need of support. Currently we are supplying a clothing pack and help families with placing their children in school

For contributing financially online or via the app, please select local Social Justice > Refugee Response> Refugee Support

Support An Asylum Seeker With Essential Items

Those arriving to the UK as asylum seekers often arrive with just clothes on their backs. We are supplying them with clothing packs that contain warm clothing, shoes, coat’s, and new underwear worth £70 per pack

You can contribute towards a pack by giving financially, buying items from our Amazon list, or donating good and clean clothes via UK locations.

We have listed our most needed items on Givr, where you can pledge which items you can donate. Your local church team or group leader will be able to share details for drop off locations. Alternatively drop off clothing at one of our LYN hubs across the UK.

Amazon List

Donate Clothing

Support An Asylum Seeker Child Into School

We have encountered a significant number of children in need, and through this initiative we are able to help register them into school and help provide them with school uniforms

We have put a backpack together for these children containing; shoes, trousers, PE kit, shirts and the appropriate school jumper worth £80 per pack

You can contribute towards a pack by giving financially or buying items from our Amazon list

Amazon List