Can I worship God in the workplace? | UK
Can I worship God in the workplace?

Can I worship God in the workplace?

16 March 2017

There is nothing quite like standing in a crowd with people singing songs of worship and adoration to the name that overshadows every other name – The Name of Jesus Christ!

These moments are powerful. The love and adoration is real! And yet, when the lights fade and the crowd heads home, it is all too easy to allow the routine frustrations of life to settle back in. Before we know it, the buzz is forgotten as we gear up for Monday.

A few years ago, I read a small book titled ‘The Practise of the Presence of God,’ which was written by a 17th century Carmelite monk named Brother Lawrence. I was floored by this tiny book and have made it a practice to re-read it each year. (I highly recommend it!)

The book is a collection of short conversations and letters that describe how and why brother Lawrence devoted his entire life to the awareness, love and stewardship of the presence of God – whilst carrying out his daily tasks. Whether he was picking up rubbish, cooking or traveling overseas to acquire goods, it was all done for the love of God…. as acts of worship.

Worship is sometimes described as a bold declaration of victory, a moment of profound submission and vulnerability, or a passionate expression of love and intimacy.

The question for us, however, remains- how does one integrate all this into a daily working routine?

1 Corinthians 10:31 says ‘whatever you do – do it all for the glory of God’

No matter where we are – at home, at church, in the hospital or the meeting room – we were all designed in the image of God in order to bring glory to Him.

Our ultimate goal is to make the Name of Jesus famous.

We don’t have to strive outside of our God given gifts/strengths to do this.

It begins with a simple decision to consistently call on the Name of Jesus and invite the Spirit of God into every moment of our day.

Singing songs to God is only part of the beautiful journey in an active life of worship. There is no limit to all this lifestyle can achieve!


Set up several daily phone alerts to help you keep in mind the presence of God and the potential you have to glorify His Name at all times.

Whether the Spirit of God leads you to encourage your workmates with kind words, or perform a simple act of kindness, lets be the ones used by God to bring the atmosphere of heaven to earth no matter where we are.





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