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Response To The Grenfell Tower Fire

Response To The Grenfell Tower Fire

14 June 2017

On Wednesday 14th June, we woke up to yet another tragedy that hit our city. The fire at Grenfell Tower this morning robbed hundreds of people of their homes and everything they had. Below are a few ways how you can help those affected by the fire. We will update this as the situation unfolds.

This week has been such a testimony when it comes to the concept of ‘what if we all cared and all contributed’. As a church we are so grateful for all the donations, offers for accommodation and volunteers! Thank you so much for being a part of the solution.

The council have indicated that enough emergency accommodation has been found for the short term, if any more accommodation is required we will update you here.


The Council and local charities have been inundated with donations and have asked for no more donations at the moment.

Through our Relief Fund we have brought practical items such as toothpaste, toothbrushes, nappies and other toiletry items to the council this afternoon to help those affected.

If further donations are needed in the following days we will update you here.


Over the last few days we have seen dozens of volunteers from our church help out in the various centres and make a difference by sorting, packing and transporting items that have come in.

Over the last few days we have come alongside with organisations on the ground as first response. For now, we will not organise any of our own volunteering initiatives but refer to local organisations on the ground. The following website has the latest information:
If you would like to volunteer or find about how you can help, please fill in the form on the website mentioned above ( Local organisations will keep you up to date and get in touch if further help is needed.


Pray for those affected, for those who’ve lost loved ones, the emergency services and the government and authorities.


You can also support financially as we continue to work with the council to bring both relief and practical help to the affected.