The Rose: 19th June

18 June 2017

The rose is stunning; each layer an intricate journey to its core where the petals wrap tightly around each other, only to reveal a heavenly scent. World renowned and recognised by most, the rose gently commands attention. It is often impossible not to be drawn to its statuesque sophistication and beauty. So it can be with our journey towards God – a deep longing and desire to know Him. Much like the rose, it is God’s ‘beauty’ that attracts us to Him. His beauty is His glory and this ought to be at the heart of our desire for Him. We seek to uncover the layers of His unconditional love and unfathomable grace. It is not enough to just admire Him; we need to desire to know Him. As we delight in God, it sets our hearts and sights on Him above all else.


Father, I pray You help me seek You above all other things. Help me see Your beauty, help me see Your grace.


Psalm 27:4