The Comforter: 6th July | UK
The Comforter: 6th July

The Comforter: 6th July

6 July 2017

In addition to symbols of the Holy Spirit, God has also provided examples of roles of the Holy Spirit to increase our understanding of Him. The first is as a Comforter but the Amplified Bible shows a number of possible interpretations because the original Greek is difficult to translate. It is the word parakletos. Para means ‘alongside’ and kaleo ‘to call’. In other words, the Holy Spirit is One called alongside to help.

Even the word Comforter can be inadequate because in modern thought it means consoler whereas originally it meant encourager. In whatever way we might understand Jesus words, it is clear that the Holy Spirit comes alongside us to support, strengthen and help us with His supernatural abilities.


Thank You Holy Spirit that Your supernatural help is available to me every moment of every day. Thank You that You care and want to guide me.


John 14:15-18 (Amplified)