OXFORD - Refugee Resettlement

Mar 14 2019

Resettling a Refugee Family in Oxford

Through the Community Sponsorship programme of the Home Office we have the amazing opportunity to help resettle a refugee family to the UK. The Community Sponsorship programme allows community groups such as churches to resettle a family and help them with set up life, from picking them up from the airport to finding them a property, help sort benefits and get them enrolled in to schools, a community sponsor will help with all practical elements of resettlement.

We now have the opportunity to start the process of resettling a family in Oxford through our Hillsong Oxford church community.

How It Works

Community Sponsorship allows national government, local authorities and community groups, like us, to work together on setting up a new future for a refugee family. We as a church have to research and write up a resettlement plan, get approval from the Local Authority, find a property and raise funds so we can support the family.

Once approved as sponsors the Home Office will work with the UNHCR who will match a refugee family to us based on our resettlement plan and their vulnerability and needs. Currently, most resettled refugees come from Syria but it is also possible to being matched to families from other countries in the Middle East and North Africa.

Once matched and all parties agrees to the match, the preparation for arrival of the family can begin. On our side, we will get the house set up and decorated, and on the family’s side they will get prepared through medical tests, training and courses. Once ready to go they will fly to the UK where there community sponsor will await them at the airport and help them with finding their feet for the first year and with property for two years.

Where We Are At  & What We Need

In Oxford we have nearly have finished our resettlement plan and have approval and support from the Local Authority to do become community sponsors. We are still looking for the following support;

Property: We are looking for a property in Oxford available for two years against affordable (ideally against LHA rates)

Arabic Speakers: We will need interpretation support for the family, especially in the first few months

English Teachers: To help the family with developing their English language skills we need people who can teach the language or happy to practise conversationally

Other Support: We need people who can help with setting up benefits, find schools, help get the family around town and a lot of hands for getting the property ready by painting, cleaning and decorating

Finance: From the previous families we have supported we learned that we need approximately £1,000 per month for the first two years, to set up the house, support the family and get their lives going. That is a 100 people giving £10 per month for 2 years.

Get Involved and Give

If you would like to get involved with any of the roles or support mentioned above email socialjustice@hillsong.co.uk .

To give, click the button below or alternatively use the options mentioned below

Hillsong Give App: Download the app, select your campus “Oxford” and select as giving option I CARE > Refugee Resettlement

Standing Order: Set up a standing order via your bank with the following details

Hillsong Church London
Sort Code: 20-74-71
Account: 10450790
Reference: Your Giving ID if applicable followed by ‘OXF’ – for Oxford

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