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Beirut Appeal Update

Aug 19 2020

On the 4th of August this year, Lebanon’s capital Beirut experienced a horrible and devastating explosion that levelled parts of the city, killed at least 170 people, injured more than 6,000, and left some 300,000 without a home. This catastrophic explosion has a further crippling effect on a country that is already on the brink of financial ruin after years of corruption and political unrest.

Almost half of the Lebanese population are living below the poverty line, 33 % are unemployed, and the health system is struggling with the rising COVID-19 cases. Lebanon imports 80% of its food and the explosion significantly damaged the key grain silo. For a country whose pound value has dropped by 40% and already struggling with food shortages, this will have a massive impact on the millions of people unable to put food on the table in the weeks and months to come.

As a church family we have partnered with Preemptive Love and World Vision for our Beirut Appeal. Our donations help families and individuals keep safe via the charities’ programs on the ground.


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World Vision are distributing urgent essentials such as food and hygiene supplies to thousands of families who are homeless or living in temporary accommodation. Furthermore, the donations will help providing temporary shelter and help with repairs to families who have had their homes damaged or destroyed. World Vision also offers psychological support to children and families affected by the explosion.


Preemptive Love is setting up mobile emergency kitchens around the city to deliver water and food to around 1,000 people a day. They are also working with the communities themselves to establish additional food responses. Furthermore, Preemptive Love are working to identify vulnerable families with homes that are structurally stable, but in need of essential repairs to make them liveable.

For further information and for the chance to donate to the appeal, visit our Beirut Appeal page.

Last but not least, we know that the power of prayer is significant in tragedies like the Beirut explosion. We have gathered some prayer points for Beirut, and feel free to add your own to the list:

  • Essential aid to the people affected by the Beirut explosion;
  • Accommodations to those who are homeless;
  • Lebanon’s economy;
  • Health of the Lebanese people during the pandemic and beyond;
  • For homes to be repaired to make them liveable;
  • Peace in Beirut and Lebanon.