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Sisterhood Lounge Room | Episode 2 | Friendship with Others | Week 1

Nov 11 2021

We hope you enjoyed our second episode of The Sisterhood Lounge Room with Nicola and the girls. As you gather in your lounge room, we have highlighted the key scriptures from this episode, as well as a few questions that you may use to continue the conversation…enjoy.

“Sweet friendships refresh the soul and awaken our hearts with joy.”

Proverbs 27:9


Rachael shared her story of coming to church for the first time and how she found community and unconditional friendship, and her desire for everyone who walks into church to have that same experience.

Q: Share about an experience where you have been embraced by someone and found the beauty of friendship. What were the things they did that made you feel so valued and included?

Q: How can we create more space in our lives to welcome new friends in?

Rachael also shared that there are different types of friendships: Seasonal, lifelong, and friends that become like family. All are beautiful and important. It’s necessary for us to live with an open heart and life; we never know when God will bring us beautiful friends from unexpected circumstances.

Q: Would you say you are open to all ‘types’ of friendships in your life?

Q: Have you been surprised by friendships you have formed from unexpected places and with unexpected people? What has this taught you?


“One who has unreliable friends soon comes to ruin, but there is a friend who sticks closer than a brother.” – Proverbs 18:24

Kathy shared about a particularly difficult situation and how it was the friends that she had sown into over the years who were the first to respond with support and prayer. She had built a support system around her in the high seasons, and they were there for her in the valley. Investing into people carries the principle of sowing and reaping. When you sow in love, care, kindness and generosity, you will reap these in response. So don’t grow weary in extending your life to love others well.

The best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago. The next best time is today. Choose today to build friendships of beauty and strength, relationships that bear fruit and for you and others.

Sarah said that we should be the kind of friend to others that we wish others would be to us. It all starts with us.

Q: What kind of friend do you want to be to others? What practically will this take?

Q: Share a time that a friendship has been a lifeline or a source of great support for you.


“True friendship remains faithful in all seasons, is tested with the passage of time and always finds grace to forgive when forgiveness is needed. It believes the best of one another and is undaunted when distance or busyness of life creates a widening space between that last coffee or shared giggle and the present.”
The Sisterhood Book, Bobbie Houston