Refugee Response | UK

The current refugee crisis is something we simply cannot ignore. Everyday we see the reports and images in the media showing the devastation and magnitude of one of the largest humanitarian crises the world has faced in decades.

We believe that as the Church, the body of Jesus Christ, we must respond to the needs of these people.

Our Response So Far...

A few ways we together as a church have made and hope to continue make a difference in the lives of people affected.


Waste management and distribution

Welcoming Refugees

Helping to integrate those now within our borders

Home Office / Local Authorities

Assisting the settlement of Syrian refugees

Ways to Get Involved


Welcome packs & Refugee Response Fund


Your time & skills

Provide Accommodation

Community Sponsorship Programme


Temporary & long term


Let’s pray for the lives of our brothers and sisters in the Middle East and other affected areas. Pray for a breakthrough and divine intervention for a region of the earth that is being assailed by darkness.

Join us by setting your alarm everyday at 12pm as we collectively pray that
light | goodness | grace | justice | safety | relief | intervention | help
will be the portion of those suffering.


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