Sam Lysak<br>Service 1 Pastor

Sam Lysak
Service 1 Pastor

Sam grew a passion for ministry when he spent a few years at our Hillsong Leadership College. He has been involved with our bump team, connections team, service pastor team & evening college team.

Daniel Bocancea<br>Service 2 Pastor

Daniel Bocancea
Service 2 Pastor

Originally from Romania and formerly a barber - Daniel has lead Service 2 at our Dominion Location for almost 3 years whilst also leading the interpretations team. Daniel loves coffee and lives in East London with his wife Alina.

Rodrigo Matos<br>Service 3 Pastor

Rodrigo Matos
Service 3 Pastor

Rodrigo moved over to the UK from Brazil over 10 years ago and has been a part of our team since 2007. He’s helped with many teams such as Lighting, New Christians, IT, Row Connections & Groups. Rodrigo loves sport & coffee and has one of the strongest beards you'll see.

Renaud von Wielligh<br>Service 4 Pastor

Renaud von Wielligh
Service 4 Pastor

Renaud grew up in Essex but moved to London several years ago to get more involved in Church life. He now leads our 6pm service volunteer teams. Renaud is a huge basketball fan and an all-round team player.

Alex Blythe<br>Kids Pastor

Alex Blythe
Kids Pastor

Alex has been a part of our church for 6 years and had done a phenomenal job in pioneering our Schools Project (formerly iCare revolution). Alex now oversees our kids ministry across the UK.

Dan Watson<br>Youth Pastor

Dan Watson
Youth Pastor

Dan Watson is our Youth & Young Adults Pastor across our UK campuses. An East Londoner married to Jo with two young children they have been a key part of our church for many years, passionate about seeing a generation know and grow in God.

Ellie Shore<br>Young Adults Pastor

Ellie Shore
Young Adults Pastor

Ellie grew up in York and has been in London for almost 6 years but has been a key asset to our team ever since. Ellie has always been a part of our Young Adults community and plays a huge part in developing leaders.

Eugene Diabour<br>Impact Pastor

Eugene Diabour
Impact Pastor

Growing up in London Eugene experienced so many beautiful things in this city he calls home. “When you reach your late 20's and 30+, I've seen so many get lost in this city, I'm passionate about helping them find their way home.

Julie Galanti<br>Sisterhood Pastor

Julie Galanti
Sisterhood Pastor

Julie has been a part of our church since it first started. Julie is a mother of two but is really seen as a mother figure to everyone in church. She loves coffee & music and plays a huge part in running our sisterhood ministry.

Matt Whittaker<br>Mens Pastor

Matt Whittaker
Mens Pastor

Matt is a big fan of coffee, football and fashion. He's one of the most relational people you'll meet and is passionate about helping men step into their full potential - becoming the men God has called them to be.

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