Sam Lysak<br>Pastor

Sam Lysak

Sam grew a passion for ministry when he spent a few years at our Hillsong Leadership College. He has been involved with our bump team, connections team, service pastor team & evening college team.

Daniel Bocancea<br>Pastor

Daniel Bocancea

Originally from Romania and formerly a barber - Daniel has lead Service 2 at our Dominion Location for almost 3 years whilst also leading the interpretations team. Daniel loves coffee and lives in East London with his wife Alina.

Renaud von Wielligh<br>Pastor

Renaud von Wielligh

Renaud grew up in Essex but moved to London several years ago to get more involved in Church life. He now leads our 6pm service volunteer teams. Renaud is a huge basketball fan and an all-round team player.

Alex Blythe<br>Kids Pastor

Alex Blythe
Kids Pastor

Alex has been a part of our church for 6 years and had done a phenomenal job in pioneering our Schools Project (formerly iCare revolution). Alex now oversees our kids ministry across the UK.

Dan Watson<br>Youth Pastor

Dan Watson
Youth Pastor

Dan Watson is our Youth & Young Adults Pastor across our UK campuses. An East Londoner married to Jo with two young children they have been a key part of our church for many years, passionate about seeing a generation know and grow in God.

Ellie Shore<br>Young Adults Pastor

Ellie Shore
Young Adults Pastor

Ellie grew up in York and has been in London for almost 6 years but has been a key asset to our team ever since. Ellie has always been a part of our Young Adults community and plays a huge part in developing leaders.

Eugene Diabour<br>Impact Pastor

Eugene Diabour
Impact Pastor

Growing up in London Eugene experienced so many beautiful things in this city he calls home. “When you reach your late 20's and 30+, I've seen so many get lost in this city, I'm passionate about helping them find their way home.

Julie Galanti<br>Sisterhood Pastor

Julie Galanti
Sisterhood Pastor

Julie has been a part of our church since it first started. Julie is a mother of two but is really seen as a mother figure to everyone in church. She loves coffee & music and plays a huge part in running our sisterhood ministry.

Matt Whittaker<br>Mens Pastor

Matt Whittaker
Mens Pastor

Matt is a big fan of coffee, football and fashion. He's one of the most relational people you'll meet and is passionate about helping men step into their full potential - becoming the men God has called them to be.

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