“Our heart is to introduce people to Jesus and His church, so that they might enter into a personal relationship with Him and, in His church, find their place of belonging and grow in self-sufficient maturity. Our endeavour is that they develop real, authentic, tactile and meaningful social connection as they serve for the common good and wellbeing of others, and that they live an open, generous life towards those in their immediate sphere of influence, so that they too might decide to come to know Jesus.”

Gary Clarke

As human beings, so much of our personal wellbeing has a direct link to our interaction with others. So, as a church, we regularly hang out together – and almost always around food! These meals take place in Groups, most likely in people’s homes, or in cafes, restaurants or pubs.

Groups are relational, personal and informal. They include praying for one another, and often include a discussion topic that is common to all our Groups.

Groups are an environment where people can connect and build life-long friendships. They are an environment where we accept as Jesus accepted, love as Jesus loved, forgive as Jesus forgave, and make allowances for others’ faults, where the passing of judgment and gossip are considered anti-social and where treating others how you’d like to be treated is the rule of thumb.

Groups are that safe place where people can be known and get to know others, where people can share and process life experiences. Groups are not a place for theological debate or doctrinal dogma – these are best left for university and bible college. Groups are also the basis of all the teams and departments of church life.

With Groups, we want everyone to be able to say, “Not only did I meet Jesus, but I came into an environment where people accepted me, where people cared about me, and where I was provided with an opportunity to contribute to the wellbeing of others and the collective whole.” It is in this way that we can change the narrative of Jesus and his church in society.

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