Hillsong Evening College UK

Next Term Begins: 12th September 2018

Hillsong Evening College UK, runs in conjunction with Hillsong Evening College in Sydney, Australia, offers a wide range of short, life-changing courses that are designed for people who wish to increase their knowledge and understanding of the Bible. Taught by our own pastors and team, the courses do not just increase your biblical knowledge, but they instil faith, teach you to build a healthy life and expand your worldview. Hillsong Evening College is ultimately designed to empower you to impact the world and to gain a greater understanding of theology, life and leadership in your Christian journey.

Course Location & Timing

Dominion Theatre, via Nederlander House Entrance on Great Russell Street, London, W1T 7AQ

What can I expect a night at Evening College to be like?
7:00pm      MC Welcome & Teaching Session 1
7:50pm      Break
8:00pm      Teaching Session 2
8:50pm      Application Groups
9:30pm      End of the Night


Come join the excitement of the Wednesday night Evening College experience as people from all ages and walks of life come together to learn and grow.

CONTACT: teaching@hillsong.co.uk for assistance. 
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Hillsong Church London
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