Sisterhood - Women in Leadership ‘Breakfast’ Webinar - Central London

Jan 14 2021 | 8 AM | 

Zoom webinar link:

If you are an aspiring leader, or leader in your workplace, our Woman in Leadership Breakfasts are for you.

Dr Victoria Fraser, Director of Research & Innovation for Dove Hair Care, Unilever has a PhD in Inorganic Chemistry & 16 years of research and development experience in the Beauty Industry, and has worked on some of the world’s most loved brands. Dove Hair Care is a purpose driven brand, worth ~1 Billion Euro that within the industry is known for leading the agenda for building women’s self-esteem and products that care for both people and the planet.

Victoria became a Christian when she was 20, and at every critical juncture since then has committed her career to God’s direction. In this session centred on ‘The Less Common Path’ Vic will share what the walk of faith can look like in the workplace. Expect to be challenged, laugh, possibly cry, and have the Holy Spirt drop inspiration into your soul for 2021!

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