Go again.

We all have that moment in our lives when we need to face those words. I wonder what our first reaction is. Does it cause a new view of life thats fills us passion? Or does our heart feel heavy with doubt?

We believe that no matter what challenges and past failures we may have faced – God has more for us. The thing about that is, we won’t know what’s out there until we go again.

Our heart is to create a space at Young Leaders Lab where young emerging leaders are free to dream of a tomorrow in the sphere of life they believe they are called to lead in.

Expect a day full of inspiring talks, relevant panels talking about the society we live in and how best to equip ourselves to positively shape it.

The future belongs to those who stick around, so go again.

+44 (0) 207 384 9200

Hillsong Church London
425 New Kings Road,
London SW6 4RN


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