ICARE Academy | UK

What is it?

The Academy is a year long programme for those who have a heart for God and a passion for the kids, youth and young adults of the UK. The Academy aims to empower, equip and help people discover their God given potential. A year where you are able to invest into others and yourself.

46% of students have been bullied at some point in their lives.
1 in 10 bullied students at school have attempted to commit suicide.
164,000 students per day are absent from school due to bullying.

‘We believe that there is endless promise in the emerging generation. We exist to help release the unique potential inside every young person by offering the practical help with the issues they face everyday.’

ICARE Revolution was birthed in 2009 because there was a need amongst young people in the UK. Every day a number of young people are failing to reach their full potential due to many different reasons.

Through delivering creative presentations in schools, ICARE Revolution inspire and motivate young people to care for their future and the future of their fellow students. With elements of dance, film and a spoken interactive message, the ICARE Revolution team is constantly working to engage and impact students of all ages and backgrounds.

As well as delivering presentations on the issues of bullying, identity, relationships and big futures, ICARE Revolution also offer one-to-one and small group mentoring sessions. Through mentoring, ICARE Revolution help students regain focus and skills to succeed in their school and personal life.

Through the work of ICARE Revolution, young people are given the practical tools to create a positive future for themselves and the young people around them.

Join us in equipping the young people of today to be bold and say ‘I CARE for my future and the future of others around me’.


Choose streams uniquely structured around specialised areas of ministry and develop your gifts and skills within various aspects of church life under our vocational programs.

Pastoral Leadership

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