Hillsong Men is our men’s community, designed to encourage all the men in our church in their relationships with Christ as they impact their workplaces, families and the broader community for Jesus. Hillsong Men meet regularly in small groups; whether to play sport, meet for a drink, or have dinner together in homes. We also gather collectively once a year at our Hillsong Men’s Day, which takes place every autumn.

An Extreme Character Challenge (XCC) is a mind, body and soul adventure – an active and challenging endurance event for men, out in the wild. The XCC is set up like one endless day; for 72 hours men are confronted with significant physical challenges, deep comradery and profound moments of spiritual input. Through the XCC process men find perspective. They evaluate who they are and they find a purpose worth living for.

Wednesday 19th – Saturday 22nd May 2021 – Dartmoor, England.


Groups are a great place to meet people and make friends. Our groups get together to have dinner weekly. They take place in various forms and usually meet in homes, coffee shops or restaurants. Groups are a way for you to find a place where you belong, connect and share life with others.



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