We are Hillsong Youth & Young Adults

and we are committed to positively 

impact every young person, 

equipping them to face the issues 

of a progressive society. 

Knowing that society doesn’t 

just have to shape them but they 

can shape society with 

Biblical Kingdom Culture.


A resource to help and support you during COVID-19.

Simply direct message us via Instagram to join a Youth or Young Adult Crew!



Ages 11-14
Fuel is for everyone aged 11-14 years old (Years 7-9), and it is a brilliant opportunity for young people to be in a positive environment to learn about Jesus in a way that will empower them to make the right choices, live out their dreams, and positively shape society. If you would like to know more about Fuel and joining a crew please email us [email protected]
Be sure to check us out on Instagram @hillsongfueluk



Ages 14-18
Wildlife is the 14-18 year old community of our church. We meet online, Fridays and Sundays across the UK to watch our YxYA Online LIVE services, and to hang out in small groups with youth leaders who champion the young people in life. We call these small groups ‘Crews’. On Sunday, we all go to church together online and watch the 6pm Youth Service. In addition to gathering online for our Sunday service we also have awesome Friday Youth Crew nights. We watch the live discussion on a topic from our Youth Pastors based of off our monthly theme. We then break off in to Crews via platforms such as Zoom, FaceTime or HouseParty to discuss different topics based of our monthly theme. Crews are designed for young people to find healthy community, and be in an environment that's encouraging and releases each individual into their God-given potential to positively shape society.



Ages 18+
Young Adults is the community of our church for anyone aged 18-30. We meet together on platforms such as Zoom or FaceTime every week for small groups (what we call Crews). Crews meet throughout the week and on Sunday to watch the LIVE service at 8PM. We also have weekly Thursday night Instagram livestreams chatting on topics based off of our monthly Crews theme.


Encouraging and connecting students,
teachers, parents,
and schools across the UK.

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