We are Hillsong Youth & Young Adults

and we are committed to positively 

impact every young person, 

equipping them to face the issues 

of a progressive society. 

Knowing that society doesn’t 

just have to shape them but they 

can shape society with 

Biblical Kingdom Culture.


Crews is the smaller gatherings happening
in homes around our locations.
We would love to meet you at one 
of our youth and young adults 
hangouts or gatherings. 
Whichever one you choose, 
there’s a Sunday rep waiting 
to meet you and connect you in!

We have the right crew for you 
- join us and get plugged in 
to one of the three communities


Ages 11-17



Ages 18 +

412 Students

412 Students

University Students

Youth In Society

Crew Notes

A series unpacking Society; our message of how we want to impact society this year as Hillsong Youth & Young Adults .


Crew Notes

Talking all things love, sex and relationships. What is real love? Building healthy relationships.

There Is More

Crew Notes

Cross Equals Love

Crew Notes

Looking at Easter in a fresh way, and what the message of Easter means for our society.

Who Am I

Crew Notes

A series talking about identity. We find out who we truly are when we know our relationship to God.

The House

Crew Notes

Talking all about the house of God and the role it has in impacting society.


Crew Notes

Summer Of Parties

Summer Camps

Back To Reality

Crew Notes

Encouraging our youth and young adults as they go back to school, university and work, to be an influence as they step into their future.

Are You Ready For This?

Crew Notes

Launch of the Encounter Conference 2019 season. A month full of young peoples stories about their encounter with Jesus.


Crew Notes

Youth and young adults submitting questions; nothing off limits.

Christmas Parties

Out of the overflow of our
youth and young adult ministry, 
We get to gather youth and
young adult leaders and youth to 
these annual conferences. 
Built to encourage and empower.

Join us and be apart of what 
God’s doing in the UK & Europe.

Highlights & Trailers

As part of our mandate, 
we are committed to 
positively shaping society. 
Here are a few ways in which
we are reaching youth and young 
adults in our spheres of influence

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