Equipping and inspiring people with a passion for youth and young adults to step into their God-given potential and contribute to making something extraordinary happen.

What To Expect

The YxYA academy runs across the year and provides you with the opportunity to experience practical ministry as you become immersed in the day-to-day life of Hillsong Church London.

The program consists of weekly team meetings, upskill sessions in a number of areas of church life, and world-class leadership sessions that will allow you to really discover your God-given potential. Throughout the year you will play a key part in our Schools Project school tours, YxYA nights, and our key conferences. Imagine what your life could look like if you were to set aside this year to learn from great leaders, grow in your character, and develop spiritually.

Who knows what could be for the future of you?

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You will have the opportunity to develop as a leader; both in leading yourself and leading others. This will be through regular leadership sessions with some world-class speakers, our evening college program, as well as practical, hands-on experience.


There will be opportunities to develop skills throughout the year, whether that’s something specific, for example; worship, media, production, or more general skills that you can apply to all areas of life.


The Hillsong Schools Project exists to bring a message of hope and inspiration to young people in schools across the UK. As part of the Academy, you will be involved in the planning and execution of our Schools Tours throughout the year, delivering Assembly Programs on a weekly basis, creating Workshops on various key topics, and much more to help young people in schools take a positive next step into their future and make a positive impact in society.


Throughout the year you will play a key part in the conference and events that are put on by Hillsong Church London. This includes; Young Leaders Lab, Encounter Tours, Encounter Conference, YxYA Nights, Colour Conference, Hillsong Conference, and Summer Camps.

Weekly Run

Lean-In Tuesday 
Staff meeting, YxYA Academy Huddle, and leadership sessions.


YxYA Thursday    

Focus on YxYA Projects for up and coming conferences and events.         


Schools Project Friday 

Day in schools delivering assemblies and workshops.


Game-Day Sunday  

At church as part of the community and serving in an area of your choice.

Academy Stories

The Academy is a once in a lifetime experience that you do not want to miss!
I've really enjoyed the journey throughout the Academy and I've finished off stronger, better, more disciplined and I now have a greater level of intimacy with God than I started off with. The Academy offers a variety of sessions, leadership talks, tasks and opportunities that have challenged, stretched and grown me as a person. Every day was a learning opportunity for me.  
You can't prepare for the Academy, and it might be nothing like what you expect but you’ll find God outworks his process in you. The best thing is that it was a time where new friendships were made and we constantly had fun throughout all we did, as we played our part in positively shaping society. I am better today thanks to the Academy.

The Academy, for me has been an experience I will never forget. It’s been a tough journey but I’ve also never been happier. I came into the academy with walls of fear, a lack of confidence and I didn’t really understand my worth. But, all of this has changed now as I was able to help out at youth events, go on tour with the schools project team and be part of the kids ministry, where I was given the opportunity to help out on worship. Most importantly, the friends that I’ve made due to the academy is probably the most fruitful part of this whole journey. I’m thankful for the new friendships formed, the lessons learned and the leaders who have guided, encouraged and lead me to the new and confident person I am today.

Doing the Academy was definitely a life changing decision for me. I never thought this year would have had such an impact on what I want to do with my life. Of course, there were challenging moments and situations where I wanted to be somewhere else. But especially then the people around me helped me a lot. They believed, mentored, motivated and gave me an opportunity to unfold my potential.

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