About us

The heart of our “Caring for the City” foundation is to bring changes to the society in which we live, as well as to respond to the needs of the people of our city.

Every year we bring together volunteers and work in educational institutions, nursing homes, hospitals, and shelters in order to support people who find themselves in difficult life circumstances. As a result of this, we want to see in our society as many strong families as possible, young people who are realizing their potential, and older people who have been given the necessary care and support.

All our programs and projects, such as “Fortress”, “Shine”, “Schoolbag”, “On the wings of an angel”, “Kilo of kindness”, “Movement of the Thread” and others, help change the lives of people in our environment, bring hope in desperate situations, as well as affirm the value and significance of each person in our city.

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Our projects

“Shine Girl”

“Shine Girl”

The program is about value, dignity, and mission for teenage girls.


A personal development program for guys, which helps them to reveal their importance, strength, and potential, as well as to establish themselves in their principles. In addition, the program helps them make decisions to significantly influence their surroundings.

"Shine, woman"

During this program, women gain an understanding of the value of their personality, inner strength, and unique destiny for their lives. The program gives women the opportunity and skills not only to reveal their potential but also to influence their environment.

“On the Wings of an Angel”

“On the Wings of an Angel”

This Christmas Eve promotion helps fulfill the dreams of children and older people in society who may be left unattended during the holiday season. Having the opportunity to respond to someone’s need, we touch the lives of many people who, for various reasons, find themselves in difficult life circumstances.


An annual campaign that enables children from families in difficult life circumstances to prepare for the new school year. We bless hundreds of children in our city, collecting all the necessary office supplies for the school bag.

The movement

The movement "thread"

This program aims to disarm and stop the humiliation in educational institutions among peers. With the help of interactive practical courses in schools, we deliver a message to young people about the value of each person and the impact of relationships in the school on their whole future life.

Caring for people in older people's homes

Caring for people in older people's homes

The project, which is to serve the elderly in boarding houses in Kiev. Our team decided to become support and family for people who lack attention and just communicate. Once a month in one of the boarding houses we hold meetings with worship and preaching. Thus, the church reaches people who do not have the opportunity to come to church on Sunday.

“Kilo of Kindness”

“Kilo of Kindness”

An annual project on the eve of Easter, which makes it possible to show generosity towards families in difficult life circumstances and provide them with food. This is a simple and effective tool for telling the Good News to people.

How can I support the project?

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