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The Heart For The House Offering

Heart for the House is an annual, sacrificial offering over and above our tithes and offerings.

The Heart For The House offering is an avenue for every person who calls Hillsong HOME to practice the biblical principle of generosity by sowing a financial seed into building the church and the lives of individuals, families and their communities – both locally and globally.

Our prayer is that every person who calls Hillsong Church ‘home’ will lean afresh into the future with us. We thank you for the part you play and for your unrelenting faithfulness, generosity and love of all things dear to God’s heart. It is truly an honor to be a part of this story with you.

Our Home. Our Backyard. Our World.

Impact Areas

We believe in taking ground and building strength for the next generation. The Heart For The House offering allows us to invest in buildings and facilities to serve our church family and our communities.

Our heart is to reach our communities with the hope and love of Jesus. Our Heart For The House giving supports CityCare initiatives across California and invests into local partnerships.

Extending out heart to the world. Together with our Global Hillsong Family we support our international non-profit partners Vision Rescue, providing educational pathways to children living in vulnerable communities throughout India, and to empowering people to live with dignity.

Ways To Give

Heart for the House giving will be available through all of our normal giving channels with the opportunity to designate “Heart for the House” for your giving.

If you will be mailing your giving in, you can mail your gift to:

Hillsong California
932 West 17th Street, Costa Mesa, Ca 92627

Checks can be made payable to Hillsong LA, L.L.C. Please indicate your campus in the memo line.