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Our Home & Neighbors
“God is Building a home. He’s using us all – irrespective how we
got here – In what he is building” Ephesians 2: 19-22 (MSG)

Hillsong Partners

Hillsong Partners is a movement that exists to partner the generosity of our congregation with the vision of our church. It is giving over and above our tithes to take new ground in our communities & across the globe as we make a significant long-term impact in the lives God has called us to reach.

Where does my money go?

There are two primary areas Hillsong Partners in:



Buildings & Facility Needs



Community Programs, City Care Efforts, Global Partnerships

Strategic Priorities

Our Campuses

Continuing to build and support the reach of our campuses in the heart of Los Angeles, Orange County, San Francisco, and Hillsong California Online.

City Care

Continue to support initiatives within each campus community and work with our partners such as PATH(LA), Project Giving Light (OC), and Mobilize Love (SF).

Racial Justice

Designate partner giving to support efforts around racial justice.

Saving for the Future

We continue to save for the future we believe God has in store for California which includes permanent spaces for gatherings, distributions and offices.

Scholarship Program

Use some partner giving to seed and pioneer a scholarship program covering tuition costs for people of color in our church.

Global Church Planting

5% of partner giving is shared annually in the launch and support of Hillsong Global Church plants.

How much can I give?

It's not about an amount but about the heart

Hillsong Partners is about the heart with which you give. This is why we have made room for every level of giving and encourage you to contribute the monthly amount that’s right for you. Whether you’re a Kingdom Builder  or a Vision Impacter, The Hillsong Partners is for you.

Kingdom Builders
$5,000+ per year
Those who have the passion and the means to finance the Kingdom in a significant way

Vision Impacters
Between $1 and $4,999 per year
Those who have a heart to advance the Kingdom and want to play an essential part and make a considerable impact

How Can I get Involved

If you’re interested in being an integral part of the future of our Church, we invite you to join the Hillsong Partners today.


Partner with us in prayer this year. Together, let’s believe God for all that’s ahead of our church. Giving, watered by our prayer will reap a great harvest!


Let’s plan together to be generous. Every significant sacrifice requires a plan. Planning and preparations will allow us to make a significant long-term impact in the lives God has called us to reach.


There is great power in commitment; writing down our goal and seeing it fulfilled. By giving above our normal tithes and offerings and by filling out the confidential pledge application through Pushpay you are engaging in an exciting faith journey with us.

We invite you to Join us


How can I become a Hillsong Partner?

To become a Hillsong Partner we invite you to pledge with us by filling out the confidential pledge form here.
You can fulfill your pledge over the course of the calendar year through one or multiple contributions or at our Annual Appeal “Heart for the House”. You can also set up recurring giving via the Hillsong USA App.

When can I make my pledge?

You can make your pledge and give to Partners anytime during the calendar year.
Many pledge in the first quarter of the year. Your early pledge allows us to plan for faithful stewardship that which God has entrusted us with. However, we invite you to join us on the journey at any time!

How much can I give to Hillsong Partners?

All levels of giving are welcome. We encourage you to pray about the amount that you can pledge and plan for your generosity. Hillsong Partners is not for the rich but for the generous.
There are two types of annual pledges:

  • Vision Impactor: Up to $4999
  • Kingdom Builder: $5000 & above

These pledge types are designed to be guideposts to help us all grow in our generosity. Never underestimate the power of budgeting for your generosity! We believe our collective sacrifice will have an impact on generations to come.

If I was a Hillsong Partner last year and would like to be one this year, do I need to pledge again?

Yes, pledging takes place each year. We invite you to pray each year as to what God is stirring in you to pledge. You can check the status of your pledge online via the Hillsong USA giving portal, or you can email our team at [email protected]

How can I refer a friend?

To refer a friend, you can connect them with our Partners team to get more information by emailing us or inviting them to join an upcoming Partners Info gathering. Our team is always available to connect in- person or via phone.
Please contact us with any additional questions at:
[email protected]

Are Heart for the House and Hillsong Partners resources different?

No, Heart for the House is a Hillsong Partners initiative where the entire church is invited to participate in giving over and above our tithes. Funds raised through Heart for the House and Hillsong Partners are used for the same purposes. Pledging through Hillsong Partners allows us to better steward what God has given us and plan strategically throughout the year.
If you give towards Heart for the House each year, we encourage you to consider becoming a Hillsong Partner. Heart for the House giving is attributed towards your Partners pledge.


And I tell you that you are Peter, and on this rock I will build my church, and the gates of Hell shall not prevail against it.

Matthew 16:18