What is a House Party?  

A House Party is a small, in-person gathering of family & friends coming together in a way that enables us to be the Church within community rather than watching church on our own.  


Where do House Parties meet?

Parties will be hosted in NY, NJ, CT, and MA in homes or apartments, backyards, or in any other approved community space with reliable WiFi that makes it possible for people to engage in a safe way.  


When are House Parties happening? 

House Parties are hosted on Sundays, weekly or bi-weekly.  


Who hosts a House Party? 

A host is someone who caught the heart of House Parties & feels a sense of purpose & call to that mission; to watch church together within their living space. They host because they’re passionate about the message of Jesus, connecting within community, & building the local church, by building people’s lives.  


What is the criteria to host? 

  • A passion for Jesus & a love for God’s Word 
  • A commitment to Hillsong East Coast as your home church 
  • A commitment to Christian character & personal integrity (ie. Teams Code of Conduct)  
  • Prior leadership experience, preferred (ie. Internship, team lead, Connect Group leader) 
  • Connect Group active (for a minimum of one semester) 
  • High level of relationship with staff & local team  
  • Ongoing feedback, oversight & accountability to HSEC staff 
  • Ability to host within one of the four states we currently “occupy” (NYC, MA, CT, or NJ)  


What does a House Party Host do?  

  • Builds a “Welcome Home” environment for others  
  • Invites friends, family, & neighbors to join them on Sundays 
  • Streams the Sunday message for everyone to watch together 
  • Facilitates group discussion & prayer after watching service 
  • Collaborates with pastoral staff on best practices, safety guidelines, & care strategies 
  • Reports weekly for their gathering  
  • Participates in continued training & leadership development with our HSEC pastoral staff  


How you become a Host? 

1. Complete a House Party Host Application.
2. Have an honest conversation during your interview with a HSEC pastor
3. Attend a House Party Leader Training  

*All House Party hosts must complete the HSEC application process and receive Campus Pastor approval for their meeting space due to COVID-19 guidelines. If confirmed, you’ll be connected with additional leader resources & have regular contact points with our pastoral staff. 


Is there a deadline for applications? 

While there is not a deadline for applications, we will use discretion on the number of House Parties we can adequately & excellently support in this season of church life within each state. 


What is the initial time commitment for House Parties?  

House Parties run for nearly 2 hours from start to finish (to include prepfull service experience & after party clean-up).  

If House Parties aren’t for me, what are my options? 

Connect Groups will always remain a midweek priority for community to be built in relationship with Jesus & with others. Connection, care, & the growth of our people is the goal within Connect Groups. Check out MyHillsong.com today to join one of the many online groups meeting across the East Coast.

If I already lead a Connect Group, should I apply to host a House Party?  

Although we are a leadership church, there is never any pressure.  Connect Groups are not in competition with House Parties. They are meant to complement one another & are different in format & function.  

We want this opportunity to be the best decision for you & for your family. If you’ve been hosting a CG midweek & would like to continue meeting, Connect Groups will always remain a midweek priority for community 

House Parties are simply another opportunity for our church community to be built in what is our first phase of re-opening, in-person. Sunday Services will always be our Sunday priority.  

If you choose to be creative with your leadership, you can certainly lead both a CG midweek & a House Party on Sunday. Please speak with your campus pastor & local team about the best option for you. Keep it fun!  

For example, host CG online twice a month & host a House Party in your home twice a month.  


Why do I need to apply to host a gathering in my living space? 

We want to partner with you in the building of this local church & the lives of the people who call HSEC their home.  We also want to provide the necessary safeguards for these unprecedented times so that the quality of our gatherings are not compromised. Relationships within this family are so important to us. 


What are the requirements for the space offered for a House Party?  

Our team will be mindful of the recommendations & metrics for gatherings, as hosts apply & as gatherings are monitored through phases of re-opening.  We also recommend allocating a bathroom specifically to guests for easy access, minimizing foot traffic, & for frequent handwashing.  


What considerations are being given to the health & wellbeing of our church?  

Health & well-being is a High Priority. We respectfully ask all House Party hosts & attendees to comply with local, state & federal guidelines. We ask all guests to RSVP before attending a party. All parties will have safety guidelines visible as a sign of our preparation & commitment to protocol. 

Are face coverings required at House Parties?  

In order to comply with local, state & federal guidelines, we respectfully ask all House Party attendees to wear face coverings when maintaining 6 feet of social distance is not possible, unless unsafe for an individual or if individuals from different homes have quarantined together.


Will temperatures be taken as guests arrive at House Parties?

Yes. We are providing leaders with guidance to ensure the safety & confidentiality of people is high & maintained consistently. 


What is the plan for House Parties if COVID restrictions intensify, pause, or reverse?  

We absolutely defer to local, state, & federal guidelines for hosting & attending gatherings. Virtual watch parties will be the ongoing solution & provide that “step down” to gathering safely on Sundays.