Colour Conference Online 2021

Mar 12 2021 | Online




Hello Sweethearts!!!

I trust this finds you healthy and safe, and as our fearless leader Pastor Bobbie Houston exhorted us toward the end of last year, “Still Smiling!” I wanted to take a quick moment and extend to you a personal invitation to our annual Colour Conference which is right around the corner!

We could probably all agree that the last 12 months have left us feeling a little like the wind got knocked OUT of our sails 🤪 but if you know the heart and vision of our Global Senior Pastor, you would know that Colour exists to bring fresh wind TO our sails. And so I, for one, sense that the Holy Spirit is going to do something beautiful and significant in us this year as a gathering of women.

If you haven’t already heard, it is an entirely online experience this year… which also means it is easier and more affordable than ever to register and be a part! I wholeheartedly believe the timing and importance of this conference has never been more crucial and my deepest prayer is that you would position yourself in whatever way you feel comfortable (watch parties or in the comfort of your own room) to join us this year.

As a Sisterhood, this will set the theme for the remainder of our year, and I know our team and girls are heading into the next few weeks with great excitement and expectation! Find all the details below on how to register and let’s do all we can to set aside time for God to speak to us as we gather around Worship and the Word together.

I so look forward to hearing great reports of all that God did in your life at Colour this year!

With love and affection always,
Judith xxx


What you need to know!

Colour Conference 2021 Online
March 12–13, 2021

How do I register?
Simply click here to purchase your registration.

What is the streaming schedule?
We are following the West Coast Streaming schedule (GMT-8). Local times for this schedule are:

Friday, March 12
Session 1: 8-10pm

Saturday, March 13
Session 2: 11am–12:30pm
(Break: 12:30pm–2pm)
Session 3: 2pm–3pm
(Break: 3pm–3:30pm)
Session 4: 3:30pm-5pm

How can I join a Watch Party?
Colour is best enjoyed together! Watch parties are happening on Friday and Saturday. Click here or text COLOURCONF to 56525 to indicate your interest in joining or hosting a watch party.

What are Colour Chats?
Join a Colour chat so we can experience Colour together from wherever we’re all watching. Text COLOURCHAT to 56525 to choose your campus and join the chat! You can also connect with other gals having watch parties on the chat.

Why do I need an individual registration?
An individual registration gives personal access to the live stream platform, PLUS all the exclusive Colour Conference content (such as masterclasses which are only available on demand) until May 31, 2021. This allows plenty of time to absorb it all (especially as we know how much us girls love to chat when we’re together in a room, so we don’t want anyone to miss anything). Our hope is that everyone experiences the full Colour Conference experience.

When is the Colour Garden Party?
We can’t wait to get together and hear all about everyone’s experience during Colour. Save the date for March 26 in the evening. We’ll gather on the Scottsdale Campus to for a Garden Party to celebrate and share all that God did during Colour Conference! You’ll want to be there, whether you catch all the Colour sessions or not, because it will be a party for everyone!

Anything else I need to know?
Yes, we would love to hear from you after Colour with what you experienced. We want to know what made your heart leap, what confirmed God’s love for you, what did you learn about how we can be the change, what was your favorite part, and more! We would love for everyone to fill out this form after Colour so we can share some testimonies and stories at our Garden Party. We’ll send this through the chats during Colour as well!