Gathering all artisans to EXPLORE our calling, RESPOND in worship & CREATE with beauty, to fulfil Jesus’ great commission.

The Ascent…. is an invitation to climb. It’s an invitation to proximity. It’s an invitation to intimacy. In the Old Testament there are 15 psalms of ascent. Songs that Israel sang on their way to celebrate God at festivals. They express amazing grace and they quiet anxious fears. They are songs that provide courage and support as we travel the roads of faith and discover who we are and what God’s called us to. Eugene Peterson says the psalms of ascent are like placing your feet in the footprints of others and reminding ourselves to be moved again, to keep walking forward in the direction of God. In 2018, we are committed to pursuit, to passion and to purpose.

We are committed to lifting our eyes and to ascending the heights… to becoming Jesus’ climbing companions. We welcome you to come and gather as a creative community – to explore our calling and create with beauty – that we may fulfil Jesus’ Great Commission.

Love, Cass Langton
Global Creative Pastor, Hillsong Church


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