"When God Spoke" - Catrina Henderson

May 27 2015

It was Tuesday night of Hillsong Conference 2014, when Bill Hybels said one line that helped change the way I think about my life and leadership. He was speaking on “Time,” and my role on our College team had recently increased so I was keen for any input on how to be more productive. I was ready to write down all the time management tips that I thought were coming. Then came the line, “My schedule is far less about what I’ve got to get done and more about who I want to become.” That was a light bulb moment for me.

I had been thinking about what my schedule could enable me to achieve but not about who it was causing me to become.  I realized that I needed to surrender my schedule to God, not just to get more done, but so I could then shape it according to who He wants me to become. Then I would find, “the unforced rhythms of grace,” and be entirely more productive than I would be by just trying to fit more into my days. It’s changed the way my schedule looks and the way I live and lead… and hopefully also who I am becoming.