24 November 2017

One thing that is evident throughout the Bible is that our God is the giver of peace. In this passage I love that the promise of peace is mentioned directly after calling us as His people to take our worries and concerns and leave them at the feet of Jesus – by letting out requests be made known to Him.. And equally I love that those requests follow the call to first give thanks to God.

Often we forget the power of giving thanks to God when in a situation of need or crisis. Which turns my mind to those who are in more need or in more crisis than us. I am so aware that I should be thankful for the fact that I live in a country that allows me to worship freely, that I get to live in conditions that are relatively safer than most places around the world.

My mind and heart turns toward the broken and displaced people around the world who are desperate to nd safety, freedom and home. As we give thanks to God for the many things we have been blessed with, I wonder how much it would please God’s heart to petition and pray for the worlds refugees who desperately need many of the things we can easily give thanks for, one of them being the peace that surpasses every thought.

By David Ware


1. Share on how your prayer life changes situations.
2. Share the one thing you’re giving thanks to God for today.
3. How can we help others to find safety, freedom and home?

– For those who are experiencing grief over Christmas
– The ongoing work of Preemptive Love Coalition in Iraq & Syria
– For world’s refugees to find safety, freedom and home