O Holy Night

Jan 24 2018

I love this christmas carol as it doesn’t just describe a world of sin and weary souls without Jesus, but it’s an exaltation of the new hope we have because of that holy and divine night, where heaven literally came to earth.

When singing, ‘Fall on your knees, oh hear the angel voices,’ its hard not to imagine the beauty of that night, the glory of the Son of heaven, in human form. It stirs awe and evokes a response within to not just let this be a moment in history.

We are to carry His law of love wherever we go, spreading His gospel of peace and speakin with con dence that in His name all oppression shall cease.
May our lives be a thrill of hope to whomever we meet.

By Taya Smith


1. Share a life experience when you found HOPE in Jesus!
2. Where is the ‘law of love’ evident in your life?
3. How do you ignite the ‘thrill of hope’ in your community?

– For people to nd HOPE in the midsts of tough situations
– The ongoing work of Preemptive Love Coalition in Iraq & Syria
– That in His name all global oppression shall cease