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Hillsong KIev Church

Welcome to Hillsong Kiev Church

We have a heart to help people to know and build relationships with alive and Almighty God.

We are a local church consisting of ordinary people where the center of all we do is Jesus. We are willing to reach out city and country with love, hope and mercy of our faithful God.

Time Meeting


Our church meets every Sunday. We will be soviet to meeting with you, by Your family and friends in this Sunday!


Hillsong Kiev

Московский проспект 11а, Киев, город Киев, Украина


Families & children

0-6 years

Allstars & Voltage

7-10 years


7-9 class


14-17 years


18-25 years



Tithes and Offerings

“Our church is not built on the gifts and talents of a few but on the sacrifices of many”.
Brian Houston – senior pastor

Meeting Information

What we believe

Statement of beliefs

Parent’s room

Till 12 months old babies

Activities for kids

For kids different ages

Next steps

What is yours?

Next step – is for everyone. We are all on journey to become more like Jesus loving God, loving people and building church together.

+38 044 220 3 222

Office: Ukraine, Kiev, Lunacharskogo st. 10