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DAY 4 – Taking Responsibility

Jan 4 2024

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As we continue to look at the faith of David in the face of a seemingly impossible situation, we see him taking responsibility for what he has been given.

In verse 20, David didn’t just dump his responsibility when a new opportunity arose, but he actually took responsibility for what was already in his hand by ensuring the sheep he was entrusted with were looked after before he went. I believe that is a key to always being able to say, “I have faith for this”. If we don’t do well with what God has put in our hands, God may not entrust more to us. However, if we take responsibility for what God has given and steward it well, then I believe we can always say, “I have faith for this”.

I want to encourage you to keep taking responsibility for what God has given us. Responsibility for our families, responsibility with the people we meet. Responsibility for those that serve us in a café and how we speak to them. Take responsibility with our finances, responsibility with our words, responsibility with our love, responsibility with our car; take responsibility with whatever God has given us. I believe if we continue to take responsibility, God can continue to bless us and we can say, “I have faith for this”!


Loving God, thank You for Your provision in my life.  Help me to be a good steward with all that You have entrusted me.

In Jesus’ Name,

1 Samuel 17:20-25
Luke 16:10-13