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The Colour Sisterhood

Placing Value on Humanity

The Colour Sisterhood is a company of everyday women, who desire to make a difference & make the world a better place.
The heart of The Colour Sisterhood is that every woman can find an important & critical level of partnership.



In 2017, our strategic focus is on the refugee crisis created by the violence and war in the Middle East. We are partnering with organisations to respond in various ways across the stages of a refugee’s journey.

We may not personally be found on the front lines but we can extend our efforts through partnership and have an impact through enabling the provision of emergency relief, safety and education for children in camps or informal settlements, support for those facing the task of rebuilding, and acting and advocating for a spirit of “welcome” to those arriving on our shores.

We have a range of projects you can connect with.


The 500Project launched in 2012 and continues to bring in resource to our partner organisations working in the field. Hundreds of women have contributed to this project so far, bringing in funds they have raised in their tins or through fundraising ideas, which have sparked generosity in friends, families and neighbourhoods.

Your involvement can bring light into darkness, peace to conflict & hope to the hopeless by simply gathering together and contributing to a ‘collective strategy’. It may or may not be a huge amount to you, but to countless others less fortunate, it can dramatically change their lives.


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The Tool Kit

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‘The Whisper’ is personal. It whispers “be found” - be found in His love, be found in His wisdom and goodness, be found in His peace and purpose. Be found so that others may find hope through you.