Resources to Help Us During Challenging Times

• Find wisdom and encouragement from daily blog, “A Message From Home—” written by Hillsong Church Global Senior Pastor, Brian Houston.  • Take time out for daily devotion, prayer and reflection. Checkout the YouVersion Bible App on Google Play Store or the App Store to begin a Hillsong East Coast devotional inspired by Hillsong East Coast Lead Pastor, Carl Lentz. • Don’t do life alone! Join a connect group and find community by connecting virtually.

From Our House to Your Home — Join us on Hillsong East Coast YouTube for uplifting praise and worship and an impactful and encouraging message

Live services happen at 9am / 11am / 1pm / 3pm / 5pm / 7pm EST. Chat rooms open 15 min prior to the start of each service. Hop on early to find out how you can get connected!

Prayer is Powerful

• Tune in midday @12pm EST for a powerful midday prayer led by Hillsong East Coast Care Pastor, Brenda Thorn.• Gather with us online @8pm EST for a Mega Prayer Night with Hillsong Church Global Senior Pastor, Brian Houston.

Come Talk to Me

• Don’t miss out on a little Wednesday Night Wisdom with Hillsong East Coast Lead Pastor, Carl Lentz, and friends. Tune in 10pm EST.

Conversation & Creativity

• Dear Lausie — Hillsong East Coast Lead Pastor, Laura Lentz, talks all things life. Join the conversation @2pm EST. • We’re hosting creatives from around the globe for great conversations around community, creativity and so much more. Check it our @7pm EST

A Movement of Everyday Young People — Living for the Cause of Jesus Christ

Youth is ON! Post up online with Hillsong Church Global Youth Pastors, Laura & Peter Toggs and the Y&F team.

We would love to help you on your journey of following Jesus.