The Hillsong Foundation is for anyone who calls Hillsong HOME. It is for those who would love to contribute financially to extend God’s Kingdom in practical ways and ultimately to bring God all the glory.

The Hillsong Foundation has three giving opportunities.

$5,000 and above

$2,500 to $4,999

up to $2,499


Below are some practical things you can do to prepare for this journey.

PRAY. Prayerfully consider the part you are able to play in the Hillsong Foundation. It’s important that your giving is a discussion between you and the Lord.

COMMIT. There is such power in writing down a goal and then being able to see it fulfilled. By making a commitment you are engaging in an exciting faith journey.

PLAN. Plan for generosity. Every significant sacrifice requires a plan. Never underestimate budgeting for generosity. Planning and preparation has been the vehicle to allow us to often give more than we thought we could.

But generous people plan to do what is generous, and they stand firm in their generosity.

Isaiah 32:8 (NLT)


Just a few of the inspiring stories from those who are part of our Hillsong Foundation family:

I have been a part of the Hillsong Foundation for the past ten years and the last seven of them I have been able to bring my two kids on the journey with me. I have been through every season possible – from abundance, to expanding the family while the income was not expanding, to finding myself jobless as a single parent and trusting God with my own sacrifice no matter the amount.

Every year, God has provided miracle after miracle. Last year was one of the most significant years as I watched my kids choose an initiative to save towards and raise money for their offering. While we may be living in a world of selfishness, I have a revelation that it’s not just our finances we can give but also the gift of generosity to the generations to come.

— Corinne Hawkins

My wife, Susan, and I have been part of Hillsong Church now for over 26 years but it was really 21 years ago that everything changed for us; when I finally found that my purpose in life was to finance the work of the Kingdom. It came about when Ps Brian shared his Vision about 100 kingdom men getting behind the vision of Hillsong Church. Once I stopped doing things with my own personal goals in mind and started to do everything with God’s Kingdom purpose at the forefront, everything changed for us. These days I have the privilege of speaking across the world about Kingdom Builders and my favourite line is, “Kingdom Builders is all about the money, but it’s not about the money!” It’s always been about believing in the vision of Hillsong Church, having the vision as my motivation and putting God first in every area of our lives.

— Andrew Denton


This is a story about a couple in our church who were really believing to be able to bless our church when they launched their business several years ago. They sold that business in the last 12 months and – even though they have been faithful and sacrificial throughout all the years – this year, by God’s grace, they were able to give something very significant and something I am sure they could have never have imagined when they started out all those years ago.

What I love about the story is that not only has he sold the business, but he is now working for the people who bought the business; not just in the one he owned but for all of the companies and businesses that they own. This person is responsible for some large companies including one from New Zealand called Griffins. When I was in Bible College in 1972, I worked at Griffins factory during the night sweeping the floors. Now he is the Managing Director / CEO of Griffins and I was the floor sweeper all those years ago. He wrote that he’s been telling everybody that I used to work for him, even though he wasn’t even born when I was working there. I think it’s amazing that today I’m the pastor of the church where they have been coming for many years with their family and he is now in a position where he is able to be part of the Hillsong Foundation.