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Une fois par an, notre église se réunit lors d'un dimanche spécial pour apporter une offrande qui va au-delà de nos dîmes et offrandes habituelles.

Notre dimanche Un Cœur Pour La Maison est toujours significatif, l’atmosphère de sainteté et de foi est tangible. Les gens prient et préparent, des mois à l’avance, leur don..

Cette offrande miracle nous permet d’être une bénédiction pour les personnes dans le besoin et nous aide à aller de l’avant en prenant des mesures stratégiques pour investir dans l’avenir de nos campus afin que nous puissions bien servir nos villes.

At the beginning of 2022, we declared “The Year of the Lord’s Favour” over our church; prophetic words first spoken by Isaiah and again by Jesus seven centuries later as the fulfilment of this prophecy.

But what does it mean to have God’s favour on us? The Year of the Lord’s favour is also known as Jubilee. When Israel celebrated Jubilee, they looked back on God’s faithfulness and forward to a time of fruitfulness. Jubilee represents FREEDOM from bondage, FORGIVENESS of debts, RESTORATION and rest. This is foundational to health and wellbeing because just as John prayed, God wants His people to prosper and be in health from a soul that is prospering. This is especially true for our church as we collectively navigate the present season, with the goal to build a healthy church, by building healthy people whose foundation is Jesus!

It is with this in mind that we approach our Heart For The House Miracle Offering, with a sense of expectancy and vision for the future, continuing with the call to build the church for future generations. As we navigate this season of change, it’s good to remind ourselves that the foundations upon which Hillsong Church is established remain unchanged. Our purpose as a church remains the same. The Gospel of Jesus Christ and the Great Commission (Matthew 28:19) is to go into all the world with His message as we continue loving God, and loving people.

Heart For The House is a special time for our church. It’s the time once a year when everyone who calls Hillsong Church home has the opportunity to bring a sacrificial offering, above
our regular tithes and offerings, that enables the vision of our church to become a reality. Ultimately our contribution to Heart For The House helps our church outwork the message of Jesus and advance His kingdom across the earth.

Church, we encourage you in considering your part as a living stone this year so that together we can see the vision advance and many transformed lives.

With love,
Brendan & Camille White

“You also, like living stones, are being built into a spiritual house to be a holy priesthood, offering spiritual sacrifices acceptable to God through Jesus Christ.”

1 Peter 2:5 (NIV)

I immediately think of Jesus, who is the main stone, and we, His brothers and sisters, are the living stones, His Church, that is to say His body, and Christ the head. The Church is not a stone building that stands still on Sundays. We are the Church, living stones destined to move around the rest of the week to serve our God everywhere. By giving up our time to listen to the sufferings of others and handing them over to Jesus to deal with. By going into homes to visit the sick. By talking about Jesus. By loving others. By simply being like Jesus. Because today’s world needs our Saviour God more than ever. Jesus just wants to be our faithful friend, to have a relationship with us. His faithfulness is unfailing when we confide in Him with an open heart.
Kadiatou, Paris campus

“I think that the Church is so crucial in God’s plan. His church, established on Him, Jesus, as the cornerstone. I’m so aware that it’s so easy to get distracted from it being all about Jesus, even in Church. Revelation 2 talks about how the Ephesian church got so much right, but that they forgot their first love. How do we keep a solid foundation as a living stone? We keep Jesus as our first love. Our number one love. And I have a personal responsibility in this, and there is also a corporate responsibility in this. All about Jesus.” 
Phil, Lyon campus

Read the full testimonials from Kadiatou and Phil & Janelle in the brochure.


To discover the initiatives and the vision Heart For The House 2023 will contribute to and read the rest of the testimonies.


Everyone is welcomed and encouraged to take part in this offering. Giving is more about definitively expressing a desire and passion to build God’s House and His Kingdom, rather than the amount.


Please take time to pray and ask God to show you what you could bring.


Set a faith goal, write it down and hang it in a place where you can see it. This will remind you to pray and encourage you meet your goal.


Join us on the 12th of November for Our Heart For The House Sunday, and give full of faith, for God will use your offering to build His Kingdom. You can also give online up into the end of the year.



Giving online is quick , easy and secure. After selecting your campus, choose 'Un Cœur Pour La Maison' from the dropdown menu.


Download the Hillsong Giving app and select your location. Be sure to choose 'Heart For The House' from the drop down giving options.

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Heart for the House giving envelopes will be available in Church for cash, cheques or card giving. For more information you can contact our team on 1300 53 53 53 or email [email protected].


For BPay details login to For direct deposit details contact our team on 1300 53 53 53 or email [email protected].
To give by cheque, please make tax deductible cheques payable to Hillsong Foundation. For non-tax deductible giving, make cheques payable to Hillsong Church. Cheques can be posted to Hillsong Church – Heart for the House / PO Box 1195 / Castle Hill NSW 1765.