How long does a service go for and what can I expect?

A service goes for 90 minutes.

What time should I get to church?

At least 15 minutes before the service so you have time to park your car, get to know someone new and find your seat.

Can I sit anywhere?
Yes our friendly host team are there to help you find a seat.

What do I have to wear, and do I have to bring anything?
Come as you are, bring a bible and notepad for taking notes.

I have kids – is there a parenting rooms?
Yes, we have do parenting rooms available.

Do I have to pay to attend church, or will I be asked for money at any time during my visit?

Everyone is welcome to attend church and there is no cost to attend. We do receive an offering as part of our service and is free-will. No one is under compulsion to give and you are welcome to let it pass by you.