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About Hillsong Kids Big

We want children to lead big expansive lives, grow up to be big people that lead and influence in every area of their big lives. Believing in a big God and making a big difference.

BIG is a large group/small group children’s ministry curriculum, designed specifically for children aged from 5 to 12 years. Developed by the Children’s Ministry Team at Hillsong Church, It has been used around the world at Hillsong Churches in Sydney, Brisbane, Kiev, Capetown and London, in urban, inner city and suburban settings.

With Hillsong Kids BIG you will find an incredibly flexible and customisable curriculum tested with children all over the world and in programs with 10’s, 100’s or 1000’s of children.

Each lesson is packed full of bible based teaching and gives children tools to apply what they learn to their everyday life.

Hillsong Kids Big can be used in a variety of children’s ministry settings, Weekend Church services, outreach programs, midweek services, school Holiday programs or VBS. Just choose what elements you want to include in your program, to make it work with your service and children. And BIG can be used in a children’s ministry of any size.

BIG is affordable and cost effective for every church and children’s ministry. It’s loaded with value and lots of added extras for your ministry. You’ll save money on printed material because with the BIG Curriculum you only print what you need.

If you can work a DVD player or watch videos on You Tube, you can use BIG. It features user friendly DVD menus and easy to read leader guides. It is simple to use and easy to understand for both you and your leaders. Even I can do it!

Hillsong Kids BIG is filmed and produced using state of the art production and creative programming. Every element is outstanding and your children and leaders will love it.

Church is to be enjoyed not endured and with Hillsong Kids BIG you’ll have children coming back for more because they will love it!

So customise it, rip it apart, use what you want and most of all seek the wisdom of God as you use BiG as a foundation to see God move in the lives of your families.