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Common Questions

Below are some of the most common questions we are asked about the Kids BIG Curriculums. If you can’t find an answer here, please feel free to drop us a line.

What age is Hillsong Kids Big designed for?

Hillsong Kids BIG is designed for children 5 to 12 years of age, with different material for:

  • younger children 5 to 6 years of age
  • older children 7 to 9 years of age
  • preteens 10 to 12 years of age

Series 2 of Hillsong Kids BIG now includes material for Toddlers and Preschoolers 1-6 years of age

What comes in the box?

You get all the Media you’ll need for each lesson including game time loop, preroll, ministry time loop and of course praise and worship. You’ll also receive all print material files including leader’s guides, activity sheets, crafts, logos banners and extra files to help your ministry.

How long does the curriculum last?

Hillsong Kids BIG Series One can be purchased as 4 or 5 lesson packs, 3 month packs or as a full 12 month 52 lesson collection. In series two we’ve changed things up a bit and now work on a 9 lesson format, we’ve just released our first title in series two “Faith Hope & Love”.

Do you have a lesson for easter?

A great option for your Easter program is the BIG PICTURE ‘GOD LOVES YOU’ from the ‘Tell The World’ series. One of the lesson’s BIG IDEA is ‘GOD SO LOVED’ with the BIG POINT ‘Jesus died on the cross for you and for me’.

How is Hillsong Kids Big broken into themes and topics?

There are 3 BIG PICTURES per series. The BIG PICTURE is the overall theme for 4 to 5 lessons. The BIG IDEA is the topic for each lesson within the BIG PICTURE. The BIG POINT is the key learning outcome for each BIG IDEA. The BIG WORD is the Bible memory verse for each BIG PICTURE.

Do I have to use the same order of lessons?

No, you can use the BIG PICTURES in any order that works for you. The series are designed to be used in consecutive months; however, you are able to use these as stand alone months if that suits your needs.

What bible translation is used?

A number of different translations are used… i.e. NIV, NLT, NIrV

How many leaders are required?

The number of leaders required will depend on the number of children involved. Large group activities are designed to be led by an individual up the front, while other leaders participate with the children.

KDGs (Kids Discipleship Groups) require at least one leader for each small group. Remember you should never be alone with a child. A minimum of two leaders should be present when with children.

What materials are required?

The following materials are necessary:

  • Bible
  • TV and DVD player (or projector, screen and DVD player)
  • BIG Picture DVD
  • Leader Guides (Printed from the Print Material DVD-ROM)
  • Activity Sheets (Printed from the Print Material DVD-ROM
  • Additional material as described in the print material.
I can barely work my mobile phone, will I be able to use Big?

If you can use a DVD player, you can run Hillsong Kids BIG. It works with the simplest TV and DVD player, to the fanciest multimedia screens and projectors!

What software do I need for the print material?

Some of the documents on the Print material DVD-ROM are PDF files. In order to view PDF documents, Adobe Reader must be installed. If you need to install Adobe Reader, you can do so for free from the Adobe Website.

What services can you use Hillsong Kids Big for?
  • Children’s Weekend church service programs
  • Midweek services
  • Sunday school
  • VBS and other school holiday programs
What settings can Hillsong Kids Big be used in?
  • Any number of children
  • Large group / small group
  • Large group only
  • Small group only
  • Large room
  • Small room or breakout rooms
Will our children’s ministry become ‘Hillsong Kids’?

No. You keep your identity as your own ministry, the worksheets, media content and information parents see do not contain Hillsong Kids logos.

How do I prepare and lead a service?
  • Recruit your leaders.
  • Reproduce a leader guide for each leader.
  • Reproduce an activity sheet for each child.
  • Learn the words and actions to the songs.
  • Read the BIG Message outline.
  • View the BIG Message video.
  • Learn the BIG Word.
  • Prepare the room.
  • Pray.
What resources are reproducible?
  • DVD material.
  • DVD-ROM material.
  • For additional copies of the Music CD, DVD and BIG Picture DVDs please visit
  • Hillsong Music Australia or contact the BIG team
Can I email leaders guides to my leaders?

Yes! The leader guides are included on the DVD-ROM. Just attach the PDF to an email and send them to your leaders. Please remember these files are copyrighted and permission to email the files is granted for your local church use only.

What dictionary language is used?

Hillsong Kids BIG uses English (Australian).

What is the user agreement?

Upon purchase of this resource, Hillsong Kids BIG gladly grants the buyer (The Licensee) or the organisation they represent, a free and non-exclusive license to tailor Hillsong Kids BIG print materials to fit their unique leadership requirements. However, it is prohibited to make changes to doctrine, scripture references, biblical principles and concepts presented. Please see doctrinal guidelines we have expressed in our What We Believe statement. These resources are intended to be printed for use only by the buyer or the organisation they represent and may not be electronically transferred to or duplicated by others. Any unauthorised reproduction of this material or incorporation into a new work is a direct violation of copyright laws.
© Hillsong Church. All rights reserved.

I can’t find the file that I need.

If you are having problems locating a file, please contact Hillsong Music Australiaat [email protected] and they will be able to assist with your enquiry.

What if I find a mistake in the text?

We always aim to provide resource with a standard of excellence. All our material goes through an editing process, however if you find a textual mistake we appreciate emails notifying us of this. Please email us [email protected].