As I Am

Words and Music by Aodhan King, Melodie Wagner-Mäkinen & Michael Fatkin

I’m living in a grace where
Everything is more than I imagined
Where what us undeserved is freely given

All my regrets and my failures
All of my wrongs have been left at the cross
Now all that remains is the Father’s love

Oh Lord You take me as I am
Over and over You call me Yours again
You see it all still You want me
How You love me
How You love me
Your kindness and mercy remind me
How You love me
How You love me
As I am

So let us be together
Seated at Your table in communion
Everyone is equal in Your presence

Where I am from or where I’ve been
The way that I’ve lived or the colour of skin
Nothing will change how the Father loves me

Oh Lord You take
Oh Lord You take me
Take me as I am

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