What Is The Answer?

Hillsong Kids

What is the answer?

Words and Music by Dan Lee-Archer & David Wakerley

What is the answer
I can’t comprehend how to get to the end
of this question
It is baffling me
What could it be?

I know the answer
I know it sounds swell but I simply can’t
tell you the answer, it’s against the rules
And that’s just not cool

Tell me Dan Tell Me, No!
Tell me Dan Tell Me, No!
Tell me Dan Tell Me, No!

There’s just no possible way that you can
make me abandon my principles

Come on Dan, it’s just a little question
No one will find out we won’t end up in

I could tell you the answer, I’m sure you
will say thanks, but with all this cheating
next we will be robbing banks

Woah, that’s a big jump
talking about a life of crime
It’s just a little cheating
People do it all the time

This idea sounds rotten
It couldn’t be fresher
You won’t convince me
How about I add some peer pressure?

Tell Us Dan Tell Us
Tell Us Dan Tell Us
Telephone Dan Telephone

It’s A, A, the Answer is A
That was not a hint to what the answer
could be!
It’s B, B, the answer is B
No it’s not right to cheat, why can’t you
It’s C, C

Mr Smith?

You’re looking for the answer in all the
wrong places, I see by your faces you
don’t have a clue

The test that you’re taking will be forgotten
soon, probably by lunchtime if not this

But you said this was important?
Yes to a degree, but life is bigger than this
test and I think you will agree

That what matters in life, now lend me you
ears, that you trust your saviour for the
rest of your years

If you’re facing a question and you want to
Find the answer in Jesus the King of Kings

I got it Sir, I Got it, Yes!
I got it Sir, I Got it, Yay!
We got it Sir, We Got it

You’re telling us the answer
For every single question
No matter your profession
The only Son of God Jesus!

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