Connect Groups


Connect Groups are the heartbeat of Hillsong NYC. By creating a sense of family and enabling you to build relationships, they make big cities feel like home. No matter what your interests, career goals, stage of life or zip, there’s a Connect Group that’s a great fit for you.

What types of Connect Groups are there?

Dinner Party
: For those that want to gather around a meal

Social: For those that like to gather with friends and explore the city

Study: For those that are hungry to grow in their faith

1HR: For those that live a full life, but know the importance making space for their faith and friends

If you’re in High School, get more information about Hillsong NYC YOUTH.

To find a Connect Group in your area, please stop by The Info Bar at any of our services or use the Connect Group search below. If you don’t yet have a MyHillsong profile we’d encourage you to create one, it’s for people who call Hillsong NYC HOME, to connect in with the life of our church. Please take 5 MINUTES today to create a MyHillsong profile. All the details you input are confidential; they’re asked simply to help us get a clear idea of who calls Hillsong NYC home, so we can best reach our church and serve our city.