What is Evening College?

Evening College is an opportunity to learn about God and grow in your faith through hearing & digesting The Bible. In this weekly six week course we take a closer look at our faith and the Bible, by diving deeper into the context of scripture and creating space for you to ask questions about Theology and grow in your walk with Christ. Join us in Evening College and build community with other Christians who seek to grow in their knowledge and understanding of our faith.


2018 Class Offerings

Learn more about the Bible and grow in your faith:

The Book of John
March 26th – April 30th

The Book of John is the most unique of the Four Gospels. As Jesus’ best friend and having outlived all of the other Apostles, John shares the most important things he believes we need to hear. Witness the literal steps of Jesus during his time on earth through the lens of one of his closest companions and friends, John the Apostle, as we study the Book of John in this six week session of Evening College.

Women in Ministry
June 4th – July 9th

Throughout Scripture women play an integral role, paving a way for the Gospel to change the world. This six week Evening College course spans both scripture and practical application, with subjects ranging from Women & the Call to Minister, Theology on Singleness, to controversial verses on a Woman’s role in God’s plan. Unpack the truth of what the Bible really says about Women, realizing God has always used and is still using women to help change the world.


The Book of Genesis
August 13th – September 24th

The book of Genesis is not just the beginning of the Bible, but the introductory narrative to human existence. In this six week Evening College course, we take a closer look at what makes Genesis one of the most highly debated books in The Bible. Specific topics include the controversy over Creation Theology, the first interactions between God and man, and the impact of the Old Testament covenant & prophecy on our position as modern believers. This course offers you a macroscopic view of the conception of Human existence, and where that puts us today.


Introduction to The Bible
October 22nd – November 26th

The Bible is the single most researched document in history and the best-selling book of all time, with roughly 5 billion copies sold and translations in over 350 languages. Throughout this Evening College course, we’ll study major themes of the Bible, how to read it effectively and practically, and discuss why it’s so important as believers to keep your spirit refreshed with the Word of God. Join us for this six week Evening College course to understand how this ancient New York Times best-selling text has actual divine and practical application in our lives.

Who is Evening College for?

"Anyone that wants to learn more about God... this is the place to come."


“So then faith
comes by hearing,
cand hearing by
the word of God.”

ROMANS 10:17