Welcome To My World!

I am the lead pastor of Hillsong Church South Africa alongside my wife, Lucinda. We both grew up in Sydney, Australia and moved to Cape Town South Africa in 2008. Together we are committed to lifting the lives of people through whatever means possible. I believe that everyone has a unique God-given purpose, therefore everyone is valuable and everyone can make a difference in the life of someone. I am passionate about leadership, learning to become a better leader myself and encouraging others to develop their own personal leadership. Together Lucinda and I are committed to building a church in South Africa that brings hope to all people and ultimately helps build a nation. We love AFRICA, and believe the best days for this continent are ahead! Lucinda and I have three children, Abbey, Bella & Zac, and a beautiful dog (Spencer who feature occasionally in Instagram stories!) We do not have a perfect family, but we are committed to learning, growing, laughing & loving all along the adventure of this journey called life!

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